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Check out the Warner DVD. This deserves something a lot fancier, which we 8767 ll never get on region one as long as Warner has the rights.

:Horror of Dracula: Bram Stoker, Jimmy Sangster

There will never be a greater vampire film than Nosferatu or Vampyr, not ever. But Hammer's Dracula puts up a strong fight to come in at third place.

Horror of Dracula (1958) - Rotten Tomatoes

Hammer Horror’s first foray into the vivid and bloody waters of Dracula , also known as The Horror of Dracula  to . audiences, is an over-the-top treat. Though some of the sequels took a bit of a nose dive, this film starts the series off right and sets the standard for further Hammer vampire films. If you have never seen a Hammer horror film, they are known for lavish costumes and sets, plenty of buxom ladies, some of the red stuff (in this case, very bright red) and a penchant for period settings. Dracula presents all this with gusto. The holy triumvirate of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Terence Fisher are together again after Hammer’s first true horror film, Curse of Frankenstein , in similar roles. Lee is the monster, Cushing is the doctor and Fisher films the proceedings with expert vision.

Baron Frankenstein is once again working with illegal medical experiments. Together with a doctor, Karl and his fiancée Anna, they kidnap the mentally sick Dr. Brandt, to perform the. See full summary

Fortunately better than I remember it being, The Satanic Rites of Dracula is the eighth film in the series and the last to star Lee as Dracula. The wonderful Cushing also returns, along with much of the cast of Dracula . 6977 , to which this is a loose sequel.

On June 65, 6865, Dickens was traveling home from France when his train derailed while crossing a bridge, and his car was left dangling from the tracks. After finding a conductor to give him keys to the seven first-class train cars that had tumbled into the river below, the then 58-year-old writer helped save stranded passengers.

Photographed in colour by Britain's specialists in horror fantasy, this new adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic achieves effective climaxes, and the staging could hardly be better.

This mix of sci-fi, horror and espionage penned by Doctor Who scribe Don Houghton would probably have been successful if Dracula and Van Helsing hadn’t been included, seemingly as an afterthought. This is not helped by the fact that Dracula has minimal screen time, probably less than 65 minutes. At least he has dialogue in this one. Though it is great to see Lee and Cushing together again, they feel out of place in an a plot that belongs to either The Avengers , James Bond or Fu Manchu. The bleak apocalyptic theme moves away from the gothic elements of most of the series and far, far away from the fun, campy romp of Dracula . , which will likely please the many viewers that hated that film.

Follows the Bram Stoker novel as loosely as any other adaptation up to that time, though this one is much leaner and meaner.

Here, Belford suggests, was the aristocratic, tall, flamboyant, mesmerizing figure with the smoldering eyes and elegant long hands whose egotism and allure were transplanted by Stoker into the sexually ambiguous figure who could drain the life out of those around him and yet exert a fascination that made the soul-destroying experience pleasurable.

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