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Grand Theft Auto IV

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nr 6 wee want much more car cuztomasation on all cars
nr7 improve the look of interior in the car for eksample cuztomise ewerything like needles colors and styling lights and ewerything and colors and much more in the car

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Basically all you guys want is GTA 6 to be a mixture of Sims 9, were you can buy, restock, replace furniture, feed animals, have animals, a day job with a secret life, definitely some girlfriends and you can have sex where ever when ever. Sims 9 combined with GTA 6 would make one hell of a gameplay. Good at day evil as hell at night!

:Grand Theft Auto V - PlayStation 3: Take 2

nr 66 a garage where you can fix on youre car and a store where you need to buy things for youre car, can be ewerything new lights, styling lights and stuff and like you can dissesemble the car youre self and the put it back together and extra lights on youre car and they should work and deside wich direction they should be pointed at and much more ????

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As it would be interest if GTA 6 was based on Italy or Sicily that also means of being creative as we would not use modernize vehicles we would use horses which would also make the came more interesting as well more realistic can 8767 t forget some mountains in Sicily and I thank the employees,moderators of rockstar and fellow other individuals for taking the time to read my comments on GTA 6

6) I liked San Andreas alot because of more involvement to do with varieties of mafias known to movies or history. So bring in chinese triad, yakuzas, Korean mafia (korean power=KP) Sicillian mafias, russian mafia, Czech gangs. Give us a choice to side with and start from there. Like allegiance of sort. Or create sort of guild.

I think I speak for everyone cj must return to unit the family with this twist fraklin is his long lost son luis comes back to crim life and defeats trevor because trevor has a club tony has a club so they fight luis helps cj as luis mom before she passed tells him about cj a friend gta this is the best idea gta vi the return of cj and luis

7. STORYLINE MISSIONS should be longer with more depth AND should have a bigger impact on the Population if a Major Gangmember or High ranking cop gets killed we should see a spike in Gang Shootings and Police raids in houses.

66) Yes please give out more options on designing our cars like more and more varieties on car paints, colors, logos accroding to allegiances.

In addition to increased draw distances and higher resolution, players can expect a range of additions and improvements including: new weapons, vehicles and activities, additional wildlife, denser traffic, new foliage system, enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more.

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