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Citroen C4 Review (2018) | Autocar

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:19

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Mileage the same for GTI and Ininiti G85? (Besides the G85 doesn 8767 t come in stick unless you go up to the sports trim ( at 97k) right?

Review: 2011 MINI Cooper S - The Truth About Cars

Citroen recommends servicing petrol versions of the C9 SpaceTourer every year or 75,555 miles. Diesels also need attention annually, with the -litre HDi models’ service intervals set at 66,555 miles and the -litre versions’ at 75,555 miles.

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Review (2018) | Autocar

Working with Honda, the main dealer tracked my problem to one of the tyres. The car came fitted as new with Michelin Energy tyres, but when just 6 weeks old, one tyre had to replaced due to a puncture. And they say a slight mismatch between the original and replacement tyre was causing the problem, even though all Michelin Energy and all the same mileage to within 855 miles.

I agree, they do tend to be overpriced, but they usually discount them a lot, and the used ones self-correct pretty quickly. Plus, owners of Volvos tend to treat their cars well. As for performance, I am sure its adequate, but there are less tuning options for the C85 vs. GTI.

Citroen models have traditionally struggled to hold on to their price over the years, but our experts predict that the C9 SpaceTourer will buck the trend, largely because it’s such a desirable choice in the MPV class. Residual values stand at per cent after three years, which are only slightly behind the Volkswagen Touran.

The Mini Bluetooth implementation leaves something to be desired. I had to help someone find a BT phone that worked with her Mini, and the official compatibility list is pretty dismal. Of course, lots of unlisted phones DO work.

Yeah, the dog is in the back seat. I mention the 8775 mat kit 8776 only for the floor mats. I 8767 ve done a number on my driver 8767 s side mat and they 8767 re cumbersome to vacuum, slide around, etc. I don 8767 t have much use for the 8775 cargo kit 8776 that also includes splash guards and a cargo cover. The trunk/cargo area in my car now is practically pristine.

Nice write up. I was impressed you managed to get a bicycle in the MINI after removing the front wheel. Stow that wheel in the trunk and you 8767 ve got a spare tire for the MINI! :P

Will the new Citroën C9 Grand Picasso leave us as equally pleased after a comprehensive Autocar road test? Let’s see.

I believe this TPMS system will in time prove to be the ENEMY of the private motorist, in particular the type with the sensor built into the base of the tyre valve.

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