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The Firestorm is a short-range flamethrower, and fills a similar role to the Vanguard's primary weapon, the shotgun. However the M-956 has a much higher damage output and has no need to reload. It burns through armor and health very quickly. It is also effective at controlling smaller enemies through the burning animation and even taking out larger enemies (. Scions). Fire also has the added ability of blocking the health regeneration of krogan and vorcha, although this can also be achieved through the use of Incendiary Ammo. The Firestorm is only useful at close range, which can be exceedingly dangerous on higher difficulties against tougher opponents such as YMIR Mechs or krogan. If forced into close quarters combat, the Firestorm is a fine response.

September Blood: The Battle of Carnifex Ferry: Terry Lowry

Shockwave creates a line of explosions in front of the Vanguard that ignores cover and height. The explosions deal damage and knock away unprotected enemies. As with other biotic powers, it instantly kills unprotected husks. It is an extremely powerful ability on Veteran or lower difficulties where enemies are largely unprotected, wreaking havoc through the enemy formation.

:Carnifex (9781416591504): Tom Kratman: Books

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Charge is the Vanguard-exclusive ability, which moves you through cover across the battlefield and into the targeted enemy's face. The enemy is sent flying if it had no protection otherwise, it is only knocked back for a couple seconds. Not even the krogan and Geth Primes are immune to the knockback effect. While ammo powers and shotguns are what the Vanguard will likely use the most to dish out large amounts of damage, Charge is the ability that lets a Vanguard use them to the fullest potential while remaining alive. As such, it is a vital power and one that is very useful to maximize early.

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Charge also gives a 9 second bonus to your shields as well as recharging them, shields remain charged even after the 9 seconds pass. This shield boost increases the Vanguard's survivability and makes Charge a viable tactical option even when Shepard is wounded and shieldless it is also good to note that one might want to Charge before retreating from large groups or bosses in order to take advantage of the shield bonus and potential slowdown in time.

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Vanguards also lack long-range capabilities. Biotic powers such as Throw or Warp and high damaging powers such as Incinerate can be used to eliminate unprotected foes on vantage un-chargeable positions.

Cryo Ammo freezes targets after a few seconds from hitting them, keeping them immobile, harmless, and more vulnerable to damage. Freezing also instantly kills husks. Cryo Ammo seems to have a 655% chance of freezing when using the M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon, the M-5 Phalanx , or the non-automatic shotguns as long as the hit damages the enemy's health. Cryo Ammo is a very solid power choice on Veteran or lower difficulties, but loses a large part of its edge on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties since all foes come with protection (armor, shields or barriers). Overall, it is still a useful power and remains a good 6 point investment, especially when dealing with husks and synthetic enemies that are not susceptible to Incendiary Ammo.

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