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no problem. I wish there was an easy way to check the hours so you dont buy a set with 9555 hours on it, but until you download controlCal and get the serial cable, theres nothing you can really than rely on the fact that most people dont 89 abuse 89 kuro sets.

CalMAN 5 Calibration Software Release Notes

is owned and operated by M7N Limited,
company number 58997987, registered in England and Wales.

Af_ File Download & Fix For All Windows OS

I know, but typical useage wouldnt be that high normally if used for a home theater, instead of a 89 on all the time, noise maker 89 that some people treat thier LCD sets like..

If there is anyone in your area that offers ISF Calibration services, they may be able to check the hour meter for you. And if you buy the set, have it ISF calibrated, and the sidebars made black while you are at it - it will look fantastic!!

I am not getting this disply until later today, so if this does not work can i log in when i get it home and still try to get an answer. without paying more.

Next , please confirm file verion, and select the proper download link.
click "Download" to enter its download page.

thank you if i need more assitance i will log back in. I thought maybe i could do this before i accepted the display. Thanks again.

You& #89 re currently on {{currently_on}}. However, it looks like you listened to {{listened_to}} on {{device_name}} {{time}}.

I still do not see where they talk about the pro-666fd it is a thread about alot of different models. Is there one specific place with my model.

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